Sample SalesSJ Assessment - Sales Manager

This is a sample Situational Judgment Test for Sales Management. The SalesSJ assessment is a scenario-based tool featuring eight separate scenarios and measuring ten competencies in sales and people management. The sample below shows a few scenarios.

Marketing Plan

(Achieving Results, Marketing and Sales)

You are a Sales Manager for ______ who specializes in Product ‘Y’. You are responsible for the tactical marketing strategy of Y products. Your Business Director has asked you to create a marketing plan to increase the company's penetration into the market originating from California and going to the East Coast. Transit time is very important to this market, since Product Y deteriorates quickly. Your main competitors are trucks because historically they have been faster and more reliable than rail...

For each of the following questions, choose the BEST possible response.

Customer Negotiation

You are a Sales Manager in the Chemicals Group. You are involved in negotiations with an existing customer, Green Chemical, which currently represents $5 million in revenue per year. Your customer contact is Norman. He has approached you about potential rail rates from Chocolate Bayou, TX, to New Orleans, LA. Norman tells you that Green Chemical is currently shipping the equivalent of .....

For each of the following questions, choose the BEST possible response.

Norman is looking for a one-year contract, and you have proposed a price of $1,400 per car. However, Norman wants a lower rate.

Coaching Performance

In your newly assigned position as a Senior Business Manager you have inherited a team that includes Jim, recently promoted from the training group, and Sherilyn who has held her current position for two years. You have learned that Jim’s mentor has recently retired and Sherilyn has started applying for new positions but has not yet made it to the final group of candidates. She is becoming concerned as to why she has not secured a new position. You have not seen a drop in her performance but she has expressed concerns over the interviewing process…

For each of the following questions, choose the BEST possible response.

Sample Technical Knowledge Question - Multiple Choice

(Financial Knowledge)

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