Sample SalesSJ for
Sales Manager

(a Situational Judgment Test)

Sample Behavioral Skills Questions - Situational Assessment

Marketing Plan

(Achieving Results, Marketing and Sales)

You are a Sales Manager for ______ who specializes in Product ‘Y’. You are responsible for the tactical marketing strategy of Y products. Your Business Director has asked you to create a marketing plan to increase the company's penetration into the market originating from California and going to the East Coast. Transit time is very important to this market, since Product Y deteriorates quickly. Your main competitors are trucks because historically they have been faster and more reliable than rail...

For each of the following questions, choose the BEST possible response.
  • 1. Which of the following analyses would be MOST helpful to understanding the market and determining whether the company can be competitive in this market?
  • C. The total amount of Product Y that originates in California and ... (4 points)

    A. Truck-related transportation costs for ... (3)

    B. Details about the internal resources that we ... (2)

    D. Our historical share of this market, past ... (1)

    Rationale: Sizing the market (rail susceptible shipments) will be the first step in understanding what the potential revenue opportunity is for us. Additionally, it would be helpful to ...
  • 2. How can you determine which customers or customer groups will offer the BEST potential for us?
  • A. Determine whether the shipper or ... (4)

    D. Identify the largest producers of ... (3)

    C. Identify which customers have ... (2)

    B. Contact Product Y cooperatives to ... (1)

  • 3. How can we MOST effectively compete?
  • C. Guarantee fast transit time and ... (4)

    B. Develop a competitive and flexible ... (3)

    A. Emphasize our customer service and ... (2)

    D. Show how our large fleet of ... (1)

Customer Negotiation

You are a Sales Manager in the Chemicals Group. You are involved in negotiations with an existing customer, Green Chemical, which currently represents $5 million in revenue per year. Your customer contact is Norman. He has approached you about potential rail rates from Chocolate Bayou, TX, to New Orleans, LA. Norman tells you that Green Chemical is currently shipping the equivalent of .....

For each of the following questions, choose the best possible response.
  • 1. What would be a good opening question to ask?
  • A. What type of rate are you looking for? (1)

    B. We've recently converted another barge in the same lane so I know the economics are favorable. What would you like to examine? (3)

    C. Is there a particular reason you are unsatisfied with the current ...? (4)

    D. We have some great transit times from Chocolate Bayou to New Orleans. How important is transit time to you? (2)

Norman is looking for a one-year contract, and you have proposed a price of $1,400 per car. However, Norman wants a lower rate.

  • 2. What would you say to Norman to convince him that $1,400 per car is a fair price?
  • A. I've run our barge analysis model and ... (2)

    B. Based on all your factors, including your volume, commodity, and ... (4)

    C. I've done the research on your move, and believe me, this is ... (3)

    D. This rate has already been established, and ... (1)

  • 3. Assuming that you've convinced Norman that $1,400 is a competitive rate but he still wants a better rate, which of these questions would you ask Norman next?
  • A. In return for a more favorable rate, are there ... (4)

    B. If I gave you a more favorable rate on this move would ... (2)

    C. Are you okay with ... (1)

    D. Do you have any other potential ... (3)

Coaching Performance

In your newly assigned position as a Senior Business Manager you have inherited a team that includes Jim, recently promoted from the training group, and Sherilyn who has held her current position for two years. You have learned that Jim’s mentor has recently retired and Sherilyn has started applying for new positions but has not yet made it to the final group of candidates. She is becoming concerned as to why she has not secured a new position. You have not seen a drop in her performance but she has expressed concerns over the interviewing process…

For each of the following questions, choose the best possible response.
  • 1. How do you approach your direct reports and establish a coaching role?
  • A. Schedule a meeting with Jim and Sherilyn to provide an overview of coaching with ... (1)

    B. Schedule a session with both Jim and Sherilyn to ask them for their... (3)

    C. Schedule a session with both Jim and Sherilyn to express your willingness to help them ... (4)

    D. Observe Jim's and Sherilyn's performance for a couple of months to ... (2)

  • 2. How do you address Sherilyn's concern about not securing a new position?
  • A. Make sure she receives interviewing skills training ... (2)

    B. Schedule a follow-up session with her after ... (3)

    C. Schedule a meeting with her ASAP and ... (1)

    D. Conduct your own follow-up with the interviewers to make sure ... (4)

  • 3. How would you best approach coaching with Jim?
  • A. Help Jim find a new mentor by asking ... (2)

    B. Make sure Jim understands that even though he is new, he needs to ... (1)

    C. Ask Jim where he wants to be in five years and how… (4)

    D. Schedule regular coaching sessions with Jim, providing him with ... (3)

Sample Technical Knowledge Question - Multiple Choice

(Financial Knowledge)

  • Why is improving ABC's ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) important to stakeholders?
  • A. To assure service for customers and returns for shareholders

    B. To determine annual salary increases

    C. To secure ABC's financial standing in the financial market

    D. To ensure long term viability of the company (Correct Answer)