CertifyOne: Customer Service, Sales and IT

Organizations understand today more than ever that they must attract and retain competent employees to remain competitive and profitable. One of the most effective ways to reach this goal is to certify employees in critical customer support and technical operations positions. AIMM's certification program enhances the productivity and efficiency of business professionals and leads to high performing individuals, work teams, divisions, and organizations. Our flexible and scalable CertifyOne program offers the following components:

  • Performance demonstration components, e.g., work simulations
  • Knowledge testing
  • Skill-based testing
  • Certification levels, e.g., proficient vs. expert
  • Performance standards, mastery levels, success-related criteria, and accuracy targets
  • Methods to identify areas for improvement
  • Training and development options for improvement
  • Training and development paths, goals, and achievement measures
  • Recertification procedures and time frames

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