Improving Leadership and Employee Engagement at a Nationwide Property Management Firm

A nationwide property management and construction firm headquartered in Florida with properties in the Midwest and Northeast.


When the organization realized that their retention problems had reached a critical stage and when employee surveys showed significant gaps in how employees viewed leadership—lack of trust, poor communication and engagement, and absence of accountability, executive leaders asked AIMM Consulting to help them assess the situation and provide solutions.

How AIMM helped

Through a series of organization assessment and development initiatives we examined leader and employee opinions and created venues for safe and open communication. Our initial goal was to help the organization build a foundation of trust between leaders and employees, boosting performance at all levels via constructive engagement, conflict, and truth telling.

A second goal was to provide executive leaders with a viable strategic talent management system to infuse the organization with top-graded talent. We employed our JobCalculator tool to identify high-performer success skills and develop Leader Profiles. Once these skills were identified, we used the TKIM and LeadershipSJ tools to hire and promote management and executive leaders. Our high potential leader succession model was then used to build leadership capability within the organization—identifying a pool of talented management candidates to fill crucial executive leadership roles.

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