"The logic of new times, revolutionary times, is behind people-focused management."

James Champy, Re-engineering the Corporation

Your Results - HR Challenges Solved

A compelling business strategy alone does not guarantee results. You need talented people to execute the strategy. AIMM's powerful assessments and learning experiences help infuse your organization with high performers—accelerating productivity and driving business results. Our PBA tools, consulting services, and training programs will help your organization maximize results by improving your performance, leadership, and culture. With AIMM's solutions your organization can:

Accelerate performance

  • Boost productivity by eliminating poor performers and costly performance errors.
  • Hire, promote, and develop high-performing "A" level talent who can make wise decisions in the midst of complexity.
  • Duplicate your top performers across the organization.
  • Develop a pipeline of top-caliber leaders who will ensure that high levels of performance are attained and sustained.
  • Staff quickly and effectively when reorganizing and re-engineering.

Reduce costs

  • Reduce training costs by identifying individual and team skill strengths and training needs.
  • Reduce mis-hire costs by making the right people decisions first every time.
  • Reduce voluntary turnover by engaging and rewarding employees.
  • Automate the assessment process —leader development, team development, succession planning, candidate screening and hiring.
  • Limit your legal vulnerability using job content-valid tools and programs.
  • Identify and secure the best technology solution and platform that meet your needs.

Build leadership capacity and transform culture

  • Create a meritocracy where employees are hired and advanced based on ability, performance and results.
  • Attract, promote, and develop competent, accountable leaders who will be seen by employees as a reason to stay.
  • Build a high-trust and high-accountability culture where all employees give discretionary extra effort. (Research indicates that high-trust/accountability organizations outperform low-trust/accountability organizations 3:1.)
  • Use job-relevant and objective standards and competency models in performance evaluations that are linked to organization strategy.
  • Provide employees with a common language to generate powerful conversations around performance expectations and goals, enabling them to hit or exceed performance targets.

We offer innovative, automated, cost-effective, and legally-defensible human performance assessment and development solutions. When driven by the right people and supported by the right technology platform our product solutions consistently result in world class performance.

Our partners want you to benefit from their 25 years of experience consulting with numerous Fortune 500 and government organizations and working inside the largest assessment and training firm in the world. Let us help your organization get better results by improving your organization development efforts. We will create and nurture an environment of authenticity and trust, essential conditions to generate a high return on expectations. We will build for you the exact program that you want—the best mix of tools for your organization.

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