Hire and Develop World-Class Leaders

Our work with organizations suggests leaders are the drivers behind employee engagement, productivity and discretionary extra effort (DEE). Great leaders can attract, motivate and give high performers a reason to stay. AIMM's research proves that these factors impact a company’s bottom-line, meaning exceptional leadership can transform an organization from good to great. That’s why we partner with our clients to ensure that their leaders are exceptional—and can drive exceptional performance and results.

With this goal in mind, we help you capture and define the behavioral "DNA" pattern of your top performers so that you can duplicate them across your organization. Once your "DNA" data patterns have been collected and measured, it can be used over and over again (with appropriate updates) for many different purposes.

It's All About You

A compelling business strategy alone does not guarantee results. You need talented people to execute the strategy. AIMM's powerful assessment and learning tools help infuse your organization with high performing leaders—accelerating productivity and driving business results.

AIMM's extensive experience and expertise in transforming leaders and organizations provides us with a unique perspective on world-class leadership and organizations. By world-class, we mean leaders and organizations delivering exceptional results, attracting, developing, and retaining outstanding talent, providing innovative leadership and creating meaningful change in the world.

Whether used in a hiring or learning environment, the following tools measure and teach effective thinking, decision making, problem solving, motivating, influencing and getting results in management and leadership roles.

Leader Challenge Tools

Hire, identify and cultivate emerging leaders who can motivate those around them, give them a reason to stay, and execute your strategy.

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JOBCalculator™ Tool

AIMM's award-winning JOBCalculator job analysis program is an efficient, cost-effective way to identify a job's critical success factors.

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Executive Select Tools

Hire, identify, cultivate and retain world-class executives who possess and demonstrate powerful influencing, thinking, and visionary skills necessary to lead the organization into the future.

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A Financial Case for Leadership Development

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