Develop a World-Class Organization

Our programs feature a combination of analytical tools and feedback systems that help you to better understand the people side of your business and its underlying roadblocks—maximizing your organization's "human and social capital".

A compelling business strategy alone does not guarantee results. You need talented and engaged people who are aligned with your vision to execute the strategy. AIMM's powerful assessments and learning experiences help infuse your organization with trustworthy, high performing employees and leaders—accelerating productivity and driving business results. We help you to capture and define your critical success factors through Cultural Analysis, Engagement Surveys and Competency Profiling. Based on the results, we offer interactive learning experiences and communication programs that drive the organization development and transformation process.

AIMM's extensive experience and expertise in transforming leaders and organizations provides us with a unique perspective on world-class leadership and organizations. By world-class, we mean leaders and organizations delivering exceptional results, attracting, developing, and retaining outstanding talent, providing innovative leadership and creating meaningful change in the world.

Organization Insight Tools

Let your productivity and profitability soar through organization-wide or work-group needs analysis, engagement, and development. Identify your critical business outcomes and success factors then objectively measure them.

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Leader Challenge Tools

Hire, identify and cultivate emerging leaders who can motivate those around them, give them a reason to stay, and execute your strategy.

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JOBCalculator™ Tool

AIMM's award-winning JOBCalculator job analysis program is an efficient, cost-effective way to identify a job's critical success factors.

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Executive Select Tools

Hire, identify, cultivate and retain world-class executives who possess and demonstrate powerful influencing, thinking, and visionary skills necessary to lead the organization into the future.

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