Pre Employ Testing

Studies show that the most effective assessments are objective job-work samples—simulations, situational judgment tests, cognitive tests and behavioral interviews. Study after study has shown these objective tests to be the most predictive of a new hire's work success. They represent an advantage over self-report or other "perceptual" tests currently on the market. Individuals must demonstrate or "show" you that they have the targeted competencies, not just talk about them or indicate their preferences. They can help you to KNOW which job candidate or employee is able to think critically, build necessary rapport, and to make the best decisions. Empowered with better data, organizations can confidently and accurately assess candidate fit with the job and with the organization.

Our PreEmploy program will help to bring your talent into focus by:
  • Defining YOUR critical success criteria including high performer "DNA", competencies and business outcomes.
  • Measuring YOUR work readiness skills including personal characteristics, thinking and reasoning aptitude, and work orientation factors.
  • Measuring YOUR leadership or professional skills including personal characteristics, thinking and reasoning aptitude, interpersonal, influencing, and work orientation factors.
  • Using the internet to distribute, score and manage tests.
  • Providing real time results with specific candidate comparisons to your success criteria.

The beauty of using AIMM's assessments is that they make visible those attributes that cannot be easily detected through traditional interviews, subjective tests or personal interactions.
  • Is the candidate likely to persist or give up easily in the face of hardship?
  • Can the candidate build sustainable work relationships?
  • Does the candidate have a tendency to be detail oriented or a big picture thinker?
  • Is the candidate able to use data to make the best decisions?

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