Survey Trust Dashboard

AIMM's extensive experience and expertise in transforming leaders and organizations provides us with a unique perspective on world-class leadership and organizations.

By world-class, we mean leaders and organizations delivering exceptional results, attracting, developing, and retaining outstanding talent, providing innovative leadership and creating meaningful change in the world.

Our culture analysis survey will identify areas where you have built strong trust with employees (high speed and low costs) and where you must continue to build trust with employees (low speed and high costs). We examine four major factors involved in building trust: integrity, intent, capability, and results. People and organizations must work to increase effectiveness in each of these areas to be the most credible and believable.

Our delivery model is one in which our assessment and development content and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Our assessment and development tools integrate seamlessly with the leading learning and talent management software.

  • Our approach provides our clients with the potential to reduce IT support costs.
  • We add value by leveraging the power of the internet for flexibility and anywhere-anytime access.
  • Our content is researched and field-tested, meeting the highest standards of quality, validity and reliability.
  • We adopt physical, technical, and organizational measures to ensure the security of Personal Data.

The SurveyTrust is applied in an organizational setting. Please contact your AIMM representative to set up your SurveyTrust Dashboard or to see a demo.

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