Technical Knowledge Test

Our technical knowledge tests consist of questions designed to assess technical or professional expertise in specific knowledge areas. Job knowledge tests evaluate what a person knows at the time of taking the test. They are not used to assess an applicant's learning potential or potential for a higher level job role. They are best used to inform employers whether an applicant or job incumbent knows what is required on the first day of the job.

Job knowledge tests are useful for jobs requiring specialized or technical knowledge that can only be acquired over an extended period of time. Examples of job knowledge tests include tests of basic accounting principles, computer programming, customer call center knowledge, engineering, IT systems, financial management, and knowledge of contract law. Job knowledge tests are often constructed on the basis of an analysis of the tasks that make up the job. While the most typical format for a job knowledge test is a multiple choice question format, other formats include written essays and fill-in-the-blank questions.

This type of test can be used in two specific ways:

  • To license professionals in order to meet requirements to practice in an occupation
  • To certify someone's competence or grant a designation that indicates competence in a subject area

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