Test Validation

Do you use a hiring test but you aren't sure how well it is working? Are you getting mixed reviews from hiring managers on the value of using your hiring test? Do employees who score high on the test show unimpressive results once they are hired? Are doubts building within your organization about your test?

Many organizations have been using tests and assessments for years to help them hire top talent. Many of these organizations have learned the value of using valid and reliable tests. On the other hand, many organizations have learned this lesson the hard way. They fall into the trap of buying a test from a vendor without asking for evidence of reliability and validity, don't do their own local validation study, or they build a test internally but don't make the effort to show validation, either by statistical research or collecting normative data.

Here is where AIMM can help. We are experts in assessment and testing, both design and evaluation. We can review your current test to determine if it is doing what it is supposed to be doing, identifying and selecting the highest performers the very first time. We will help you to understand why it is or isn't accomplishing this goal. We can then show you how to fix the test.

Our Validation program will help to bring your test into focus by:

  • Studying its history, purpose, construction, format, style and administration.
  • Interviewing test developers, administrators and users.
  • Reviewing its clarity, instructions, and grammar.
  • Determining whether the constructs it purports to measure are actually measured - construct validity.
  • Determining whether the test questions align with the constructs to be measured - content validity.
  • Where appropriate and feasible, conducting a criterion validation study to make sure that the test is accurate in predicting success.
  • Examining how the test results are interpreted, communicated and reported.
  • Evaluating its reliability and consistency through professional statistical analyses.
  • Making recommendations for improvement in test content, administration and reporting.
Validity refers to whether the questionnaire, survey or test measures what it intends to measure. AIMM employs several methods to demonstrate validity but there are some concepts that are useful to keep in mind. The overriding principle of validity is that it focuses on how a test or assessment process is used. Reliability is a characteristic of the instrument itself, but validity comes from the way the instrument is employed.

  • Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get the same result repeatedly with the same group.
  • Content Validity refers to the extent to which a test represents facets of a given job construct or set of job constructs.
  • Construct Validity refers to the extent to which the test actually measures the construct(s) being evaluated.
  • Criterion Validity refers to the extent in which the test measures are related to concrete criteria in the real world, e.g., how well the test results correlate to measures of job success.

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