Training Needs Assessment: Identifying Strengths and Gaps

AIMM uses the following process to assess and define training needs for work groups and/or organizations:

  • Assess and identify the high-performer skills and knowledge required to achieve breakthrough success and execute the strategy
  • Analyze, define, categorize and document the resulting high-performer DNA - skill and knowledge-related success factors
  • Analyze and document training curriculum strengths and gaps and make any structural recommendations
  • AIMM offers our SalesSJ and LeadershipSJ, situational judgment tests. Both are scientifically developed, objective assessments that can be aligned with your organization's high performer "DNA", knowledge, competencies and success factors. We work with you to develop the situational judgment assessment test using representative test items that correspond to each competency and knowledge identified in the job/competency analysis. We administer the resulting assessment test to relevant personnel. The tests are then scored and the results analyzed to identify the organization's current strengths and training gaps.

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