Our Guiding Principles

Redefining the way businesses assess, hire and manage talent

Philosophy, Science, Experience and Ingenuity

AIMM is the only consulting firm today using a rigorous, scientific method to build assessment and learning products that are tailored for your environment without the high costs associated with custom design. That's because we leverage our experience and expertise to build profiles and templates that can be adapted easily to fit your environment. After all, we are experts in industrial psychology, organization and talent development, assessment, and learning but you are experts at what you do. To meet your needs, we align our tools with your job content, business strategy, values and vision to measure your critical success factors and business outcomes.

  • We're not for everyone. But if you choose to work with us, we will make you successful.
  • As messengers, we help you to uncover and understand your truths through our assessment and training tools.
  • As problem solvers, we work with you to analyze your current reality and bring about your desired changes through our tailored solutions.
  • We believe that technology can contribute greatly to building and managing talent but it is only part of the solution.
  • We believe in action learning—active adult learning. Our development-based assessment programs feature powerful and practical diagnostic experiences and challenges.
  • We emphasize personal strengths and development opportunities.
  • We believe that real learning and behavioral change takes place over time and in the real world, not in the sterile classroom environment. We help individuals understand and see how they can gain long-term success using small, intermediate steps.


  • AIMM delivers better results to our clients through superior science.
  • Our scientific job analysis process identifies the job and organization factors that help your top performers succeed.
  • Your hiring or development solutions are then built using these success factors including performance skills, competencies, business strategy, marketplace, and culture. This process establishes clear content-validity.
  • We practice observation, documentation and measurement, assessing first then offering solutions that address your needs and match your culture.
  • We believe so strongly in the validity and reliability of these programs that we encourage you to involve us in legal issues and challenges.
  • We add value by leveraging the power of the internet for flexibility and anywhere-anytime access.
  • Our tools are researched and field-tested, meeting the highest standards of quality, validity and reliability.


  • Since 1990, we have helped our clients transform the people side of their business by providing employee assessment and development solutions.
  • Our staff averages over 20 years of consulting experience working with top-notch organizations such as Sun Microsystems, Coca Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, Union Pacific, and Lucent Technologies.


  • We offer the consulting expertise to ensure that you choose the right mix of instruments to maximize your investment and to provide you with a more complete picture of individual and group talent, e.g., skills, competencies, technical knowledge, personality, or work style.
  • Our programs are unique in that they help you hire, promote, retain, and develop only the highest quality talent allowing you to compete more effectively in today's demanding business environment.