Work Readiness Questionnaire (WRQ)

The Work Readiness Questionnaire (WRQ) is a Situational Judgment Test(SJT) that helps you to identify and hire those individuals most capable of succeeding on the job. The WRQ asks test takers to choose the best response to a specific work situation. The situations or scenarios that frame the items have been designed to reflect specific entry-level tasks and behaviors. The tool helps organizations decide whether individuals have the interpersonal, problem-solving, and learning skills that enable them to be successful in entry-level work situations. When combined with the Skills Profiler, the WRQ provides a complete picture of work readiness.

  • Teamwork - ability to work collaboratively on a team with honesty and integrity.
  • Critical thinking/reasoning - ability to reason, think logically and to solve problems.
  • Work ethics/work-life balance - ability to balance work and life issues and to manage stress.
  • Responsibility/self management - ability to take responsibility for work and to show initiative in carrying out work assignments.
  • Leadership - ability to effectively influence and lead others.

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