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AIMM Consulting delivers online situational tests and methods that empower your talent analytics—acquiring, managing and expanding your talent to drive organization outcomes.

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Develop World Class Talent

A compelling business strategy alone does not guarantee results. You need talented people who are aligned with your vision to execute the strategy. AIMM Consulting's powerful assessments and learning experiences help infuse your organization with trustworthy, high performing employees and leaders, who are the right fit for your organization, accelerating productivity and driving business results.

We build and deliver the tools and analytical methods that empower your talent development, talent expansion and organization development decisions.

Our situational judgment tools and training programs will help your organization maximize results by improving your performance, leadership and culture.

It's All About You

Want to be best-in-class? Our solutions help you to evaluate and train exceptional employees and to build leadership capacity. They feature a combination of interactive assessment and learning experiences that help you to better understand the people side of your business—quickly identifying and developing high-performing employees and leaders.

How We Do It

We help you to capture and define your critical success factors and high performer "DNA" through our JOBCalculator analysis and JOBProfiles. Based on the results, we offer innovative assessment tools that drive the training and development processes.

A Financial Case for Employment Assessment

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Making talent analytics relevant for everyone

Hear from our clients

The individuals selected as a result of AIMM's LeadershipSimulationX2 assessment center represent the best engineering and technology talent we have seen in years.

Director, Leadership Development, Flowserve

The outcome of the skill assessment was both enlightening and educational. Our training remains one of the most effective training programs within the rail industry.

Regional Director, Sales, Union Pacific Railroad

AIMM's talent analytics allowed us to quickly and professionally change the entire dynamics of how we evaluate and measure team members' performance today.

CEO, Concord Rents

Work Readiness e-Tools

Train and develop the best entry-level professionals who are ready to go on Day One

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Leader Challenge e-Tools

Train and develop world-class leaders to motivate team members and to execute your strategy

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Executive Select e-Tools

Train and develop executives who possess and demonstrate powerful influencing, thinking, and visionary skills necessary to lead the organization into the future

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Sales Delivered e-Tools

Train and develop exceptional sales and marketing employees. Fill crucial sales and customer support roles with people who get the results you want

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Technology Bound e-Tools

Train and develop exceptional technology resources

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Organization Insight e-Tools

Build high-trust high-speed organizations

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Over the years we've worked with hundreds of clients to build and deploy assessment and development programs, earning their trust as a true extension of their team. We're proud of our track record and aim to keep it that way.

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